The Schweinskopf Festival 2016 says thank you to everyone involved!


Schweinskopf Festival will be back from
2. – 4. September 2016

The ticket pre-sale is on NOW! Get yours here.

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You wanna become part of our illustrious, weirdly wonderful and most peculiar festival programme? The Schweinskopf Festival is way more than just the sum of its elements, after all.
We don’t care whether you are a master in your field or just like to build castles in the sky. No matter if you make music or knead falafel: we require you as member of a shanty choir or as a burger fryer! Anyone can join in at the Schweinskopf. Enquire now!

360° site panorama

Panorama: Die Pixelschieber – Daniel Rödin


The time of the “Really Early Worms” has passed

Thank you!

We look forward to the Schweinskopf Festival 2016 just as much as you do
In less than one week all Really Early Worm Tickets were sold out!
Now, it is the time of the “Early Birds”. From now on there will only be Early Bird Tickets for 45 € for sale.

Furthermore, for the first time this year we offer so-called Solidarity Tickets!

With these tickets you can additionally support the funding of the Schweinskopf Festival.
With your support, you can help us to do even more for you.

Get into the magic of the last Schweinskopf Festivals and visit our gallery.


Merry Pigs-mas!

The Schweinskopf Festival strikes back!

In 2016 we will celebrate from 2nd to 4th September and we are already planning diligently for the next round, listening to lots of bands, getting inspired for new dance, theater and cabaret performances, working on our new website and pondering about what architectural follies we will come up with on the festival site this year to amaze you.

Just in time for Christmas you can now buy a ticket for the Schweinskopf Festival 2016. For the first 100 of you, there’s a discounted Really Early Worm Ticket for 35 €.
Get your ticket now and help us make the festival as great as possible.

We look forward to celebrating together with you again.